About Russ Davis and MOJA Radio

Russ Davis here…your host for MOJA Radio. You’re reading about MOJA now but lots of people who haven’t heard about my work in Modern Jazz  don’t know what MOJA means or what MOJA Radio is all about.  Read on and you’ll learn more. As for the journey that brings us to today, I began my jazz radio work in 1978 in Atlanta with a program called Jazz Flavours. In 1988 I came to New York, my current base of operations, to start up the contemporary jazz station WQCD-FM (CD 101.9). After a decade there I started my work in satellite radio (at both sirius and XM) for another decade, establishing the modern jazz channel Beyond Jazz from which sprang MOJA Radio. Along the way I created special programs for England’s Jazz FM and Japan’s Bay FM 78 and in 1999, and continuing today, began to produce, programming and presenting, Jazz America, the only full-time jazz program for the U.S. Government service Voice of America, heard each week by the estimated 134 million listeners around the world who hear VOA broadcasts.

MOJA Radio's Russ Davis

Now, to aswer that burning question…What does MOJA mean and what will I hear if I am a listener?

MOJA is an acronym for MOdern JAzz with our own special twist on it. To me, MOJA starts when jazz became an electric art-form in the 1960’s with the Jazz Fusion era. You’ll hear tons of Fusion and all the phases of jazz that followed including Acid Jazz, Funk, Jamband Jazz, Techno Jazz, Soul-Jazz, Latin Jazz, World-Jazz, Euro-Jazz, what I call The New Jazz Singers who take up where Ella, Billie, Jon Hendricks and others left off, Rock-Jazz, The New Big Band Jazz and any other trends that will develop as time goes on. I want the music to be fun, up, funky, inspiring, moving, evolving, exciting, uplifting! There are lot’s of acoustic moments musically on MOJA Radio but for the most part it’s electric jazz and the music grooves more than swings if you catch my drift! Just listen to the FREE MOJA SAMPLE and you’ll get the idea.

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