Posted by: russdavis | November 11, 2010

MMW turning 20 in 2011!

Check out this picture and you’ll see what MMW looked like in their early days, then look below at what the guys look like now.  A life in music, hard as it may seem sometimes when you’re in the middle of it, is like “The Picture of Dorian Grey,” it never ages.  There may be a few extra wrinkles, but these guys amazingly stay the same…youthful, exuberant in spirit and infinitely creative! In 1991, John Medeski, Chris Wood and Billy Martin assembled at Billy’s Brooklyn loft for their first jam session which turned out to be the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.

After 20 albums, collaborations with artists from John Zorn to Iggy Pop, and playing to fan bases internationally, Medeski Martin & Wood will celebrate their 20th anniversary with select performances, special guests, and more. Stay tuned  as we here at MOJA Radio plan many a special to celebrate this incredible trio that is without a doubt one of the most influential in all of MOJA! (MOdern JAzz, our style of course!)

20 NEW MMW tracks coming in 2011!

AND…the guys will deliver 20 new tracks that can be downloaded, 2 new ones every month, to celebrate their 20 years together.  Go to and get all the info!

Russ Davis


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