Posted by: russdavis | July 2, 2010

Montreal: Above It All

As I’ve mentioned here before…I’m stationed at the Montreal Jazz Festival now for the 7th year in a row. Soon I’ll attache a quick video of Andre Menard, the jovial man who has been at the helm of this glorious gathering for the 31 years of its existence. Later I’ll post some more blogs with information about the shows I’ve seen and the artists I’ve talked to. I’ve just been running since I first got here and haven’t been able to stop for any length of time to sit at the computer and do the work…sorry…I’ll get around to it when I find that roundtuit I lost somewhere.

One thing I’ve always done when I come here is take the time to start the morning walking up the mountain from the city below (not THAT taxing but a nice way to start the day) to the park at the top of Mount Royal (the place that gives the city its name) which was designed by a certain Mr. Olmstead, the man who designed Central Park in NYC. When I get there the reward is the awesome view of the city below, the St. Lawrence River and the vista that goes on for miles on a clear day. I always feel “above it all” literally and figuratively and it reminds me that this festival is indeed “Above It All” when it comes to the jazz festivals I’ve attended. The variety of music, the way the city embraces the festival as truly its own, the ease of getting from venue to venue in a short walk, the comforts, the efficient way everything runs and the fact that it all happens in a festival ground and the unbelievable number of free performances that are offered. Many other cities have a series of concerts spread out over their entire city. If that constitutes a festival then New York has a jazz festival every day of the year. This one is special…The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal…truly above it all.

More to come…gotta go hear some tunes now! I invite you to go to to hear some tunes by the artists at the festival right now!

Russ Davis (Your Man In Montreal)


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